Structure de mise en forme 2 colonnes
  • Saturday 16 January 2021
  • 22 December 2009 Contribution to the MRS Fall Meeting 2009

    Intrinsic and extrinsic residual stresses in multicrystalline silicon thin film solar cells on glass by a novel combined diode laser and solid phase epitaxy process[more]

    12 November 2009 Contribution to the MRS Fall Meeting 2009

    Intergranular microstructure and residual stresses investigations by EBSD on laser-crystallized polycrystalline Si thin film on glass substrate for solar cells.X. Maeder (a)*, C. Niederberger (a), S. Christiansen (b), G....[more]

    20 August 2009 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition

    Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 21-25, 2009[more]

    04 June 2009 Participation to the 24th EUPVSEC conference

    The European Project HIGH-EF: Multicrystalline Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells on Glass; Session Reference: 3CO.6.2