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  • Monday 30 November 2020
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    InESS ("Institut d'Electronique du Solide et des Systèmes") is a joint laboratory (Laboratoire Commun, UMR 7163) of the Louis Pasteur University (Université Louis Pasteur, ULP) and of the National Center for Scientific Research (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, CNRS) where it is associated with the department ST2I ("Information and Engineering Sciences and Technologies").
    The research activities of the Laboratory span various topics, extending from solid-state electronics to electronics of systems. The different themes are thus concerned with materials and nanotechnologies for electronics, materials and concepts for photovoltaics, optoelectronic instrumental systems and microsystems, and integrated instrumental system


    Key personal:

    Dr. Eric Fogarassy is a specialist on the interaction of laser irradiation and matter and on excimer lasers for semiconductor modification and synthesis. He is the responsible Scientist for basic research and applications of thin film laser ablation. These activities are performed in collaboration with Oak Ridge Labs and many companies. He is Consultant to SOPRA Company. He is a Member of the board of directors of IREPA-LASER. He was the Chairman of many international conferences, author to more than 100 scientific papers, co-editor of monographs, depositing several patents.

    Role in the project:

    Numerical simulations of melting and recrystallization processes.